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Rotary Tablet Presses HLT Series

The HL Pham Tech rotary tablet press is designed to produce pharmaceutical and food supplement products. The technology of the tablet prss allows a continuous supply with the raw material and quolitative production of tablets. The feeder of the tablet press fill the powder/granulate into the dies and presses it into tablets.
The output of the tablet press HLT Series is between 19.500 to 312.000 tablets per hour.
Tablet presses HLT series can be used with different sizes of pressing tools (EURO D, B and BB). The form of the tablet depends on the choosen pressing tool. You can produce different forms of tablets (round, oval, etc.)  One set of the pressing tools consists of upper punch, lower punch and die. The quontity of the sets depends on the quontity of the press stations in a tablet press (for example 13, 30 or 45 press stations).

Our tablet presses include size of pressing tools with standart forms.
The HL Pharmtech tablet presse are conform to GMP standards and CE certificated.

Machine Process:

Filling of the tablet press with the raw materials (powder/granulate),
Dosing of the raw material,
Pressing of the raw material into tablet form and
Discharging of the finished tablets. 


 Rotary tablet presses HLT series are a good choice for pharmaceutical or food supplements producer. Inquire it here and you'll receive our quotation within 1 day.


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Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean® K -/-/6W -X

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