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Packing line for pre-filled syringes

Articul:  LIN086.3.2




Complete packing line for pre-filled syringes

is designed for automatical labelling and packing of syringes into blisters and afterwards into cartons. 

The syringes can be loaded into the line in different kind of packing cassets: plastic cassets 31,5 x 9,5 cm or square-shaped combs. The pre-filled syringes will be shelled out of the cassets and then packed.

The output of the complete line is about 300 syringes per minute. 

The packing line for pre-filled syringes consists of:

Device for the automatic outloading of syringes cassettes Robotronic AG MRT-PSK-GP01
Year of manufacture: 2001
Output: 400 syr/min
Equipment for the outloading of pre-filled syringes from cassettes  Bausch&Stroebel SAM8061
Year of manufacture: 2003
Output: 500 syr/min
Equipment for labeling of pre-filled syringes and putting cap on the needle Bausch & Stroebel NSM9060
Year: 2009
Output: 300 syr/min
Buffer device for syringes SPE8090 
Year: 2009
Output: 2000 SSI syr.
Blistering machine for pre-filled syringes (Thermoforming machine) Ilseman BMP 400
Year: 2009
Output: 40 tact/min
Cartoning maschine Ilsemann CMP-200L
Year: 2009
Output: 100 tact/min
Device for inserting booklets RonTech
Year: 2010
Output: 300 pcs/min
Conveyor scales Wipotech
year of manufacture: 2009
Output: 300 pcs/min
Device for cartons fitting Normpack NCF-670
Year of manufacture: 2000
Output: 300 pcs/min
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Stretchbander PESTER PEWOPACK 450
Stretchbander PESTER PEWOPACK 450

Filling line Bosch for  syringes
Filling line Bosch for syringes

V - Mixer DM - Series
V - Mixer DM - Series