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SOFTGEL Capsule Filling Line SG -150

SOFTGEL Capsule Filling Line SG -150 for production of soft gelatine capsules or paint balls.

SOFTGEL Capsule Filling Line consists of:

Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine:
Production capacity : 71,280 capsule/hour (#10 Oval) normal 3 r.p.m;
Production rate : Max. 6 rpm 60hz (Normal 3-3.5 rpm);
Quantity of plunger : 20;
Tumbling Dryer with 6 baskets:
Size of Basket : Ø 650 (Diameter) X 805 (Length) mm;
Automatic Medicine Transfer Pump;
Gelatin Melting Tank (3 Fold/400 Liter X 2 TANK);
Gelatin Service Tank (3 Fold/300 Liter) Air type supply;
Medicine Service Tank (2 Fold/300 Liter);
Homo Mixer with Hydraulic Drive System;
Vacuum Mixer; Colloid Mill; Vibrating Sieve;
Automatic Sorting maschine (6 Tracks, Model: DY-S6), Sorting by capsule diameter, thickness
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