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Autoclave, Steam Sterilisator WESTINA - SAUTER

Autoclave, Steam Sterilisator WESTINA - SAUTER PH6.6.9-HS2-FD

Year 1988

Type 6055-6/6060/04/06-94/95 S5-115 U

For sterilisation of:
- syringes
- solid objects
- porous materials
2-doors construction for horizontal loading
Working pressure: -1/2,5 bar
Steam supply: net steam 4 bar, reduced to 2,7 bar
Cold water: 5 bar, 1,8 m³
Electric: 3 x 380 V
Effective chamber dimensions:
Height: 730 mm
Width: 660 mm
Depth: 1100 mm
Volume of the chamber: 400 l
Outside dimensions:
Height: 2000 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Depth: 1396 mm
Loading and discharging with fully automatic transsitblock WESTIMA-SATUER, System 4300

Function of the autoclav
The cassets filled with syringes will be loaded into the atoclave.
The syringes will be sterilized using the chosen program.

Sterilisator Westina-Sauter
Type: PH6.69-HS2-FD
Weight: 1850 kg
Control system, fan engine, vacuum pump 220-380 V, 50 Hz, 14 kW
Max.temperatur inside 138 °C

 Condition: very good, functional, dismantled by a specialized company which can install the machine by the next user.




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