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Washing machine for ampoules, syringes, etc. BOSCH RRN2020

Washing machine for ampoules, syringes, etc. BOSCH RRN2020 with loading station for syringes

Currently adjusted for cleaning of syringes.

Year 1989
max. Output: 133 pieces/min
Nominal output: 120 pieces/min
Electr.: 7,4 kV; 11,3A
The water supply amount and the water vapours after cleaning process: 150 m³/h with the Temperature 40-50 °C.
Total weight: 2700 kg

In the washing machine the syringe bodies will be washed and dried (inside cleaning with steam, inside and outside cleaning with fresh water, blowing out with pressure air, inside cleaning with fresh water, outside blowign out with pressure air), siliconized and transfered them to the transport segments and after that collected in the special transport boxes.

Condition: very good, functional, dismantled by a specialized company which can install the machine by the next user.




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