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Filling and closing machine for syringes Bosch MRD 3020

Second-hand Filling and closing machine for Bosch MRD 3020
The machine can fully automatic fill and close cylindrical ampules, vials, syrtinges, etc.
Currently adjusted for syringes
Year 1989
Max. Output: 120 pices/min
Dimension of the machine: 3535 x 3610 x 2150 mm (L x W x H)
Weight of the machine: 3050 kg
Weight of the conrol unit: 730 kg
Function of the filling and closing machine:
  • from the rotary table products will be pushed  into the filling machine. An elektro magnet regulates the appropriate insertion of the products;
  • the infeed wheel overtakes 2 ampouls per cycle;
  • the syringes needles will be checked;
  • a transport wheel overtakes the ampoules to the siliconisation station. The siliconisation of the syringe' needle allows the easier putting on of the needle protection cover;
  • the syringe needles' pass will be checked with help of the conrol gaz and pass-through checking device;
  • the needle protection covers will be put on and pushed on, then checked with a light sensor if the covers were pushed on properly,
  • the ampoules will be fumigated with nitrogen so that to avoid oxidation of the filled in product;
  • ampoules will be filled trough the filling needles with help of dosing pumps;
  • the filled ampoules will be one more fumigated and closed with plugs;
  • the plugs with be checked if they were properly closed;
  • defect products will be sorted and fed out;
  • the good products will be fed out.
Condition: very good, functional, dismantled by a specialized company which can install the machine by the next user.



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