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Cartoning machine Bosch Contina 160

Cartoning machine Bosch Contina 160 consists of: folder and inserter GUK 21/4, coding station, control unit Laetus Argus 3.

This fully automatic and continuously operating cartoner is suitable for cartoning blisters and adding leaflets if required. The machine is arranged for variable speed operation and has a maximum capacity of approx. 1600 cartons per minute. The Cartoner is fitted with a GUK 21/4 leaflet folder and inserter,  coding station and a Laetus Argus 3 Control Unit.

Producer: Höfliger + Karg, Waiblingen
Year of manufacture:  1979
Max.output: 160 cart./min
Floor space:  530 x 150 x 170 cm
Price: 5.000 EUR, EXW Wehr (without packing)


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Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK
Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK

Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean®  K -/-/6W -X
Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean® K -/-/6W -X

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Filter CUNO Zeta Plus ZP 2