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Automatic Carton Packaging Machine HL PharmTech HLCP Series

Automatic  Carton Packaging Machine HL PharmTech HLCP Series

The automatic carton packing machines HLCP series, produced by one of the world leader in pharmaceutical industry South Korean company HL Pharmtech, offers you the best quality to the favourable prices. The cartoning machines are GMP conform and CE cerified. Our company offers you the necessary technical and after-sales services. 

Technical Data:
1. Dimensions (W x L x H) : 1860 x 3910 x 2190 mm
2. Weight : Approx. 1500 kg
3. Machine Capacity (out put) : 80 cartons/min
4. Carton Range available
   Width : 20~100 mm,
   Length : 85~150 mm,
   Height : 16~80 mm
5. Power consumption : Approx. 7 kw
6. Air Pressure : 5~7 kgf/c?(bar)
7. Air consumption : 350 L/min
8. Power supply : 200~400Vac, 3Ph, 50/60Hz
Optional Accessories:
  • Embossing Corder
  • Leaflet Insertion Device
  • Glue Application Device
  • Hot Stamping Device
  • Product Insertion Device
  • Ink Jet Printer
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