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Automatic Blister Packaging Machines HLB Series

Automatic Blister Packaging Machines HL Pharm Tech HLB Series

The automatic blistering machines HLB series from the South Korean producer HL Pharmtech. The blistering machines are designed to blister tablets or capsules into different kind of foil. The machines are GMP conform and CE certified. Our company offers the technical and after-sale services.



  • Computer system with color touch screen
  • Easy adjustment to index setting
  • Color vision inspection system
  • Perforation station for Alu/Alu foil and child resist packing
  • HMI system for printing operation data
  • Possible to use with the following kind of foils: PVC , ACLAR, PVDC, COC, Cold forming Alu
  • Format molds can be easily changed 
  • Easy to maintenance draw-off station and punching station
  • Cold forming provision
  • Color vision system/Rejection by trap door
  • PC touch screen
  • Tablet/Capsule feeder
  • Automatic bruch box feeder
  • Photocell with intensifier
  • Interface to cartoner
  • Special perforation with slant or hole punching
  • Product lifter
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