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Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean® K -/-/6W -X

Articul:  EIN168.0.2

The disposable isolator HECHT EWI can be used for safe and contamination-free dosing, sampling, decanting and weighing in of small quantities of highly active or highly dangerous substances. It is a closed foil system.

The different types of manipulation can be carried out with the help of gloves. There is also a connection adapter with a customized uploading container (barrel, box or bag).

There is a weighing system which is located outside the isolator (only the weighing plate is in the isolator). The measuring accuracy for different bulk goods is approx. 2 g.



The HECHT EWI consists of a stainless steel frame and a disposable foil-isolator  (material PE, PU, also conductive) which can be attached to the frame within a very short time. The product is handled within the disposable foil-isolator using gloves.  The EWI is designed for a wide variety of processes . There are different port versions for customer-specific - manipulations (e.g. magnetic stirrers, balance systems, ports for power or air supply, etc.).

The system can work with negative and positive air pressure.

Required connections: electricity (230 V) and compressed air supply (6 bar)




Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean®  K -/-/6W -X
Disposable -Isolator Hecht ProClean® K -/-/6W -X

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