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Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK

Articul:  CAR03002

Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK  

Year of manufacture: 2015
Output und speed:
Intermittent motion: speed Min. 5 cycles/min; Max.60 cycles/min
Continuous motion:  speed Min. 10 cycles/min; Max.120 cycles/min
Production output :
Intermittent motion:  Min. 5 carton/min; Max.50 carton/min
Continuous motion:  speed Min. 10 carton/min; Max.100 carton/min
Weight & Dimensions (D x L x H): 1845 x 3600 x 1840 mm
Weight approx.: 1350 kg
Power supply: 400 V 50 Hz 3 Ph + ground + N
Pressure: 6 bar
Dimension of carton:(Pre-glued cartons with the following outside size range)
A: Min: 20 mm ; Max: 120 mm
B: Min: 18 mm ; Max: 80 mm
C: Min: 50 mm ; Max: 250 mm
The Bipak machine is a semi-automatic vertical cartoner running in continuous or intermittent motion. It is suitable to pack any type of product loaded by the operator into pre-glued cartons with reverse flaps tuck-in closure. The machine is pre-arranged for the installation of automatic product feeding systems. 
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Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK
Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK

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