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Capsule Filling Equipment SPT Series

Automatical capsule filling machines SPT-Series (produced in S.Koreaare design for fully automatic filling of hard gelantine capsules size #00 - #4, (optional # 000, 5)  with powder, granulate or pellets for pharmaceutical and food supplements production. The equipment is distinguished by its high quality, simple operation. The disc method of filling provides high dosing accuracy.

The machines are equiped with sets of tools for 1 capsule size from #00 to #4 .

The machines are conform to GMP standards and CE certificated.

SPT-Series guarantee the highest quality of production!

Max. Output*, Caps/h Model
8.500 - 25.000 SPT-FL25
50.000 SPT-FS50
80.000 SPT-FS80
110.000 SPT-FM100
150.000 SPT-FM150


*The output of the machine depends on the characteristics of the filling product and room conditions.



V - Mixer DM - Series
V - Mixer DM - Series

Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK
Vertical Cartoning Machine BIPAK

Filter CUNO Zeta Plus ZP 2
Filter CUNO Zeta Plus ZP 2